Rachel Greenberg, "Almost" MD

Rachel Greenberg is an editor for The Almost Doctor's Channel hailing from Great Neck, NY. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Psychology, where she spent much of her time either singing a cappella or being a pre-med. In addition to maintaining an interest in holistic medicine, Rachel boasts a world-class Carrie Underwood impression.

Which Limb Would You Like to Wear Today?

We have all experienced the feeling: Like we didn’t belong. Like we were too different. Like all anyone saw when they looked at us is that one flaw that you can’t stop thinking about. For many amputees, whether congenital or those who have been the victim of accident or illness, these feelings are all too common. Though prosthetics exist, which may restore functionality or normative mobility, the grief of amputees often does not come from an inability to function “normally.” While they may swim, jump, or run, it is the feeling of not needing to hide which they miss most. Perhaps it is not about restoring “function” but rather giving a person a means of expression of personality. This is what Bespoke Innovations founder and chief technology officer, Scott Summit, believes. What drives him? To allow people who have congenital or traumatic limb loss “to emotionally connect with their prosthetic limbs, and wear them confidently as a form of personal expression” and to provide people with a prosthetic that not only are they are not ashamed to show but rather that they are proud to...

An “Infectious” Video Game…That Won’t Give You a Virus

I haven’t yet started med school, hence the “almost” preceding my “MD,” but as an aspiring doc, I am always interested in the newest ways in which people can learn and teach others. Some people learn best through drawing cartoons and some through comic book stories but sometimes a more interactive approach is necessary. That’s where Microbe Invader comes into play [editor’s note: no pun intended]. This interactive, infectious disease-learning game prompts you to enter your name and gender and VOILA! you are a med student at “Happy Hospital” with a name badge and everything. My day began peacefully in my home, where I decided I wanted a sandwich before I began my first day of clinical rotations with Dr. Taylor, my infectious disease doc.   But I was hungry and I do my best learning after my morning custard   I quickly realized the custard was bad…   But made it to the clinic after a good bit of time. My attending even gave me a good scolding [editor’s note: too realistic?]. This is where my actual learning began. The game prompted me to speak with Dr. Taylor who explained to me that I was to see a patient and order tests, make diagnoses, and even provide treatment. She even directed to me to the clinic library, where I was provided valuable information about different bacteria and viruses. My first...

The 12 Different Kinds of Procrastinators

We all procrastinate. But while some peruse the internet, obsessively liking their non-med school friends’ Instagram photos, others take it upon themselves to become the next Paula Dean and try every recipe in the cookbook their aunt got for them…5 years ago. So which type of procrastinator are you? See this cartoon and more at 20px.com  ...

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