Olivia Horton

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.


7 Reasons Your Family Medicine Personal Statement Might Be a Failure

Most Medical schools do take family medicine personal statements very seriously. In fact, almost all of them are of the opinion that they are a good way to make student describe what they have learned from their hands on experience. This way it helps them see your level of commitment to your work. They expect a detailed and realistic view on the patients you have come in contact with and the valuable time spent at the hospital they worked. The experiences you gained before you got into medical school and the ones you got after usually state the kind of family doctor you are likely to be.  So in writing your family medicine personal statement essays do not forget to include your core values and key qualities. Also be specific about your specialty in Family Medicine and be sure to make your experiences reinforce them. The best residency personal statement takes into cognizance factors such as: – Why you are committed to this specialty – What you intend to achieve from this residency program – Your plans for the future – What you intend to bring into the program; skills, expertise and so on Documents Required for Residency Admission This program is a 5-year clinical program. It is divided into 6 categorical PGY 1 residents as well as 2 non designated preliminary PGY 1 residents that are usually matched...