Maureen Townsend

Maureen is a 20-something pre-med student at the University of Central Florida. She hopes to one day become a neurosurgeon. Having lived up and down the east coast throughout her life, she has no idea where she will end up, and for how long – and she’s okay with it. She is an atypical flower child that has a strong curiosity for all things even mildly interesting in the world and plans to explore them all.

11 Steps To Love Someone With Alzheimer’s

I look over and see her fast asleep, her head hanging slightly off the chair. I slowly and softly walk over and slide a pillow under her neck and cover her with a blanket. I place my hand on hers, watching her chest rise and fall. She looks so peaceful, especially compared to the frazzled and angry woman who was with me just an hour prior. I wonder if she’s dreaming, and if so, what about. Is she seeing her late husband? Are they back in 1980, playing music together in a room full of people? Is she a little girl, running across the land on the farm that she grew up on? Is she holding one of her newborn babies, swelling with pride? I hope that her dreams are full of light and love and bliss; her waking moments have so much apathy, depression, and sometimes, anger. My grandmother was diagnosed with dementia and the early stages of Alzheimer’s last year. We saw the signs a long time prior though. It started with little things. She would call and say that she was pulled over to the side of the road because all of a sudden she didn’t know how to get to her nail salon, even though she had been going there for years. One day, she called me in a panic because she couldn’t find her car keys and couldn’t...