Lydia P. Morris, PhD

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.

Wisdom-Filled Tips for Lasting Love in Med School

Feature Image Source Relationships take work. With the infinite list of stressors that med school brings, adding a relationship, especially with another med student, can hardly seem worth it.   To third-year med student Fran Hasselhoff, who met her current beau when they were first-year anatomy lab partners, the simple understanding nod of her boyfriend when she needs to vent is a huge benefit of being on the same career path as her significant other.   Fran shares her love story as well as a few bits of wisdom that can help make your med school romance go the distance.   Empathy “I think a huge benefit of dating someone on the same career path is that we really understand each other’s lives and day to day situations.” says Fran. She and her boyfriend are often on opposite schedules, but she offers a great example of how awareness of shared professional expectations helps make the relationship work. “Our days are not always rigidly defined by hours but by the work that needs to be finished.” Because of this understanding, she explains, they never fight about spending more time together.   When both partners are busy, collaborating to come up with a plan for quality time can prevent simply becoming ships that pass in the night.   Mutual Support “I love coming home and hearing about my boyfriend’s day and telling...