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Preparing for the TOEFL: Writing Section Topics

TOEFL is an important test for any ESL student who wants to enter a university outside his or her country. Preparation for this test is a serious process requiring time, perseverance, and willingness to learn. Unfortunately, you can’t get fully prepared in advance for all of the four sections of the test, but learning to deal with a section of writing is quite possible. Similar to all tests supposed to estimate the knowledge of the English language, TOEFL has a writing section consisting of a summary assignment and an essay assignment. Let’s have a closer look at the latter. Types of TOEFL Topics Actually, the variety of TOEFL essay topics is really wide – you can be asked to discuss something that refers to such general subjects as media, education, technology, personality, family, etc. Yet, it’s possible to classify the essays by type (there are only three types) and learn peculiarities of each of them. #1 Choose a side This essay type will require you to choose between two objects or ideas and give reasons that your decision is based on. The easiest and most common structure for such a piece of writing includes typical five paragraphs. The time you will have during the test for the writing section is only 30 minutes, which means you may have no time to write a complete paper. So, don’t worry if...