Jame Rop

Jame Rop is a content-writer and an amateur guest post writer. His dream is to open animal shelter and make all the homeless dogs and cats happy. His life motto is “Remember that Life is a one way ticket”. He travels a lot, likes extreme and sport.

How To Write The Best Recommendation Letter

When you apply to study at any institution you will usually be asked to provide a few recommendation letters from people who know you well. This is more to see what character trades you have and how people perceive you. It is important for the institution to get to know you apart from your academic record. Your character is just as important as your grades and this is part of the process to get acceptance. The question then remains, how do you get these great recommendation letters for your application? Here are some tips you can apply to get these recommendation letters. Be honest and open If you need a recommendation letter for residency, you have to be open and honest with your professors and ask them straight out. By sharing your needs with them, you place the ball in their court. Explain to them how the residency application process works and that this is a requirement. Also mention whatever you would like to have on your recommendation letter. You do not want to tell them how to word it, but just mention a few achievements to refresh their memory. This probably won’t be news to your professors as many students ask for a recommendation letter. Remind them When you are asking for recommendation letters, remind your professor of some of the outstanding work you’ve done. If you have...

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