Emily Ka Yi Tam

Emily Ka Yi Tam is a MD/MPH student at UCLA/Harvard. She was originally from Hong Kong, then moved and stayed in California until her MPH year in Boston. She is interested serving the disadvantaged population, especially children, and will most likely pursue a field of medicine that allows her to interact with children. When she's not studying, she is singing or painting. You can find her in Boston cafes, or you can follow her on Twitter @EmilyKTam

Why Medical Students Make Great Entrepreneurs

  Many medical students are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. However, not many students would pursue this much-needed field in medicine. There are four qualities of medical students that make them extremely suitable for becoming entrepreneurs.   Passion for medicine. Medical school students come into the field with much passion and desire to make positive changes in patient lives. These are important traits needed to innovate within medicine. Most medical students have the desire to “change the world.” No one remembers medical school admissions essays, as much as medical students. That document is a written commitment of their desire to pursue a life-long career in medicine. It is a representation of how the student’s background, struggles, hard work, and experience, all play a role in motivating the student towards a career in medicine. As the medical student progresses through their medical journey towards becoming a resident, and then an attending physician, their responsibilities increase. The more mature physicians become, the more preoccupied they become with tasks like a long list of medically complicated patients, the responsibilities of residents in training, as well as the administrative tasks of being decision makers for the medical institution. Bombarded with many tasks, they unintentionally become farther and farther removed from that passion and desire they described in their medical school admissions essays. Medical students are in a perfect place because they have only seen some...

Questions to Consider Before Becoming a Medical Student Entrepreneur

Health care expenditures continue to be on the rise. The necessary demand for innovation continues to increase in medicine. More and more medical students are beginning to be interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Here are some questions to reflect upon while making your decision.   Think you can sustain a start-up while being a full time medical student? Think again! Starting a company takes more time than you think. Being stretched thin on money while putting together a start-up, your duties as a founder include the most tedious tasks, which may range from doing your own financial statements for the first time and preparing a memo that you just learned about yesterday. Learning on your own in order to run your business with the very little time you have because you are either studying as first and second year medical students, or catching up on sleep via 15 minute naps in the call-room as a third year medical student. If you think you are lucky being a 4th year medical student while starting your business, good luck trying to schedule conference calls to get more buy-in for your company while scheduling your sub-internships and out-of-state interviews! You barely have time to breathe in medical school, how likely would you have time to grow your business? And seriously, you already get negative financial reward as a medical student, and unless you...