Carter Duggan, "Almost" MD

Carter Duggan is a first year medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine on the Purdue University campus. Prior to medical school, he earned his degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Purdue University and subsequently worked as a scribe in a local emergency room. He now enjoys cooking and spending time with friends and family when he can.

Truth from a Tragedy: Finding Myself in the Wake of the Purdue Shooting

A few minutes past the hour. Class ends at 12:30. A free afternoon. Hopes of catching up on the two weeks of school work that had already piled up around me. Only two weeks into a new semester. Already feeling overwhelmed. Remind me why I’m here again. Try to focus. Just a little while longer. The door opens. Heads turn. A school administrator. “Everyone. Please listen for a second. There has been a shooting on campus. We are being told to shelter in place.” Silence. What do they mean “a shooting?” The who, what, when, where, and why of it all races through my head in an instant. Where is my girlfriend? My sister? My cousins? Not more than a second passes. A classmate breaks the silence. “What?” “In the Electrical Engineering building. That’s all we know right now.” The room is quiet, save for the sound of cell phones being pulled from pockets and bags. Loved ones contacted. Twitter, Facebook, the university website all pulled up, all poured over. What is going on? What do we know? The next few minutes are a blur, passing by as if they hardly happened. Details emerge one by one, tensions eases little by little. Anger and disbelief fill the void, as do more questions. How many were hurt? How many are dead? Who was hurt? Who did it? How badly are...