Ali Kreigsman, "Almost" A Starving Artist

Ali is a recent UPenn graduate who is sadly most famous for her mac and cheese. Follow her at @Akriegz or just keep living your life, it’s fine. It’s fine.

11 OkCupid Solicitations from Med Students

Flirting is hard. Especially when the studying in med school makes you hallucinate, lose your brain/mouth filter, and sometimes causes word vomit. Despite all the studying and stress, try to avoid doing the following… 1. He’s been hitting the anatomy books for hours on end, so he can tell the biological difference between mere HUMAN lips and ANGEL lips…   2. He knows that dentists basically get paid to rip you off…   3. He’s been hopped up on caffeine for three days straight studying and, well… it’s official: he’s lost it.   4. He tries to solve you like a chemistry problem. Please Circle (yes) or (no) to this one.   5. He accepts that dating another med student can be extremely stressful. So he’s looking for a starving artist…who *happens* to know a few French women. 6. He says this, but really means: I HAVE 15 MINUTES BETWEEN MY LAB AND CLINICAL ROTATION, IF YOU’RE NOT TURNING ME ON IN 5 OF THOSE 15 MINUTES, YOU’RE F^CK*NG USELESS.   7. He spotted you in histology lab, saw you eating hummus, and says this: 8. He’s pulled one too many all nighters and starts to question the reality of your existence. Sidenote: Don’t assume a photo of someone’s face implies horniness ever because I just don’t think that’s a thing….   9. He’s studying to be a podiatrist and it’s just gone too far…   10. He...