Amy Gold

Is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel.

Humble Advice from one Pre-Med to Another

Ask any college student, and you will likely hear that pre-medicine is one of the toughest undergraduate paths. From Organic Chemistry to hours of labs, pre-med students work incredibly hard! Through all the stress and studying I hope you remember that you have made an amazing commitment that you should be proud of. Someday when you have the career of your dreams you won’t remember the details of cellular respiration or the misery of all night studying. But for the moment, before that dream can become a reality, I have gathered my best advice for the stress of the day-to-day. Consider a Non-Science Major It makes sense to major in biology or chemistry. Your major requirements will overlap with the pre-health requirements, reducing the number of courses you need to take. But even if there are only a few courses beyond the pre-med requirements to finish a biology major, do you really want to take MORE science courses? I decided to major in Computer Science and I consider it the best decision of my undergraduate years. Coding feels like a break from hours of reading science textbooks. It is more of a logic puzzle than memorization, so I feel that I am using a completely different part of my brain. Also, when it comes time to apply to medical school, non-science majors have a distinctive quality in a pool of mostly science majors. Read the textbook I honestly cannot recommend this highly enough. Pre-med...