Reinventing The First-Aid Kit For The 21st Century

Product designer Gabriele Meldaikyte has reinvented the first-aid kit. The goal of this new kit is to be easily accessible to people who haven’t completely refined their first-aid skills yet, or who don’t have any first-aid skills to refine in the first place. Meldaikyte’s design addresses the frequency of injuries at home, especially in the kitchen. The first-aid kit is organized and labeled by type of injury: burns, minor scratches, and deep cuts. Each section has a step-by-step explanation of how to treat the injury. Designed for ease of use and functionality, this reinvented first-aid kit aims to eliminate the confusion that comes with today’s old-fashioned first-aid kits. But that’s not all! In addition to its modern design, simplicity, and functionality, it can be used with only one hand! This feature makes treating an injury easy even when users are home alone and have to use one hand to treat the other. This is a first-aid kit truly fit for the 21st century. Check it out!         Images used and featured image courtesy of Gabriele Meldaikyte.    ...

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