Can We Predict Your Specialty or Career With The Enneagram?

It’s a very popularly known expression, one that usually goes unnoticed by the few looking into picking out their specialties. But what does it truly signify?

Is it the amount of hard work you put in? Or perhaps it’s about the time that you dedicate to moving forward?

If you’re looking into the context, it might seem like it might be those but allow us to rewire your brain, a bit.

Being a medical student, you tend to meet all sorts of people and deal with all sorts of cases which means, based on the type of person you are, it will matter quite a lot when you’re picking out a certain field. It’s actually a fact that’s been proved right through several studies as well. You can’t be a straightforward extrovert and go into nursing; imagine telling your patients straight out about how annoying they are! Because let’s face it, some patients will be quite the handful.

Well then, how should you pick it out?

You already have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders, life isn’t easy for a millennial who’s figuring out the world! That means handling a decision as crucial as your career would need a little extra help. Millennials such as yourself tend to face the trouble of not knowing how to handle such pressure. You know what would be a good solution in times like this? A personality test!

That’s right! Personality tests can easily let you know which specialty would work well for your medical career. It’s often disregarded by medical students but that doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to it, it’s definitely going to be your ticket to a successful career!


Personality Tests and How They Work— Because We Know You Won’t Believe Them

We know what you’re thinking: a bunch of wires taped to your head with metal rods attached to it – kind of like Frankenstein! But don’t you worry, you’ll be thrilled to know that personality tests aren’t all that scary. And that there are no metal rods, or the need for electricity; except, well… if you’re taking them online.

It’s more of a thorough self-evaluation, of sorts, that would determine your prominent personality traits, and just what job would be right for you. These tests are often in the form of a questionnaire which will reveal aspects of your personality through a psychological makeup.There might be a lot of time when you wonder why a questionnaire that you yourself answer could depict your innermost thoughts and sciences but actually it does. This is often presented in the makeup of a series of situations and how you’ll react to them or handle them. You must have noticed the quizzes on social media, they may be fun and games but the quizzes for professional careers are a little more different and more accurate.

What types of tests are there?

Two types, actually. You know. The electrical one… and paper based.

Whichever you choose, don’t worry, they wouldn’t feel like you’re sitting in an examination hall.You’ll be free to complete it at your own pace. You know what’s better? There’s no right or wrong answer! You’ll basically be told to talk about yourself, something that most people love to do, and you’ll be good to go! See? Easy Peezy!

There are essentially two types of tests that you’ll be asked to choose from though:

1. Enneagram test which will basically help you decide what type of personality you are.

2. Myers-Briggs type indicator which will basically give you an analysis of your psychology.

Both these types of tests are perfect at determining the kind of person you are which, in turn, determines just what specialty you should look into!

Different types of personalities

Personalities is more than just about who you are, although that is quite the gist of it, your personality is basically a collection of your best characteristics and qualities. Using that set of in built skills in your career path is what would not only guarantee success but it also brings about an enjoyment to the job!

Most people have trouble identifying their personalities and with it they fail to pick out the right specialty to correspond to that. You know what’s the outcome? You’ll hate every minute of what you do! When you opt for an Enneagram test, here are the nine types of personalities you’ll come across:

The Reformer: Healthcare Management and/or Administration, Physician Assistant, Psychology, Psychiatry

The Helper: Nursing, Pediatrics, Mental Health, General Medicine

The Achievers: Medical Affairs, Surgery, Internal Medicine

The Individualist: Physical Therapy, Psychotherapy, Primary Care, Rehabilitation

The Investigator: Clinical Research, Lab Technology, Engineering, Telemedicine

The Loyalist: Neurology, Social Work, Medical Education, Health Inspection, Anesthesiology, Dentistry, Pharmacy

The Enthusiast: Clinical Research, Locum Tenens positions, Medical Affairs, Pharmaceutical Sales

The Challenger: Private Practice, Surgery, Paramedic/EMT

The Peacemaker: GynecologyPublic Policy, Public Health, OB-GYN

What personality are you?

Each of these holds a special trait which would be able to correspond to the specialization you’re going to go into. For example, if you’re the ‘The Helper’ then you know what that means? You work on helping people out! Maybe you’ll be a pediatrician or a nurse! That’s definitely something to be proud of, people like these often work best as pediatricians and general practitioners. This is mainly because they’re perceptive and very reliable! With an extra knack of empathy, they make the perfect candidate for this specialization.

Similarly each personality trait is different and each trait will be able to excel at a certain skill set. That’s more good news for you!

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Sources: Russell Rowe, Psychology Today

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