Blood Drawing Device for Squeamish Patients

As med students I’m sure we are used to, or getting used to, the fact that we will be seeing blood almost on a daily basis in our careers. However, patients aren’t always a huge fan of blood…or needles. A company has developed a new device that draws blood without a needle and without the sight of blood.




This would make a trip to the doctor’s office much less frightening for those who are typically more apprehensive about going to their routine checkup.


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Seventh Sense Biosystems has developed a unique tool to perform routine blood draws in a quick, painless, and hidden manner. The TAP blood collection device adheres to a patient’s arm using an attached gel pad, and with the touch of a single button can draw a 100ul whole blood sample. The blood is drawn from the capillary beds near the surface of the skin using 30 microneedles, causing minimal discomfort and without the patient ever seeing the needles or blood. A window on the front of the device shows when the blood drawing is complete, and the unit then stores the sample until it is ready to be analyzed.


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