How to Write the Best Thesis and Thesis Protocol

How to Write the Best Thesis and Thesis Protocol

Writing a thesis is hard work and anyone that has been through it will tell you that. By the time you get to this part of your studies, you have already been through a long road. This does not mean that it is going to be a walk in the park. Besides working on your actual thesis, you have to adhere to a lot of rules. This in itself can be frustrating to manage.

There are some rules that need to be followed, but the process should have a level of excitement for you. After all this time, you have the opportunity to share your views with others. It does not matter if you are doing Ireland Thesis Writing or a UK Thesis. Everyone wants to write the best thesis ever written and it is possible for you to be in that group. You simply have to stick to the guidelines and give it your best shot. Here are some guidelines you can use to write the best thesis.


You are going to be required to submit a thesis proposal before you write your actual paper. This is going to be reviewed and is the first challenge. Make sure you indicate what you are working on and how this information will be of value. State why this issue is so close to your heart and how you are going to manage to find a solution. Also mention where you plan to find an answer to the problem you are writing about. This will give a clear indication to your review board of what you are trying to achieve and if it is worth doing. Look at a few proposal examples to make sure you get the structure right. If you mess up at this point, it could cost you a lot of time. The best is to get it right the first time to help your chances of having it approved.


There is no good thesis without proper research and it is probably the most important part of the process. You can hire a thesis writing service but usually the research will still be up to you. This is why you want to give this section a lot of attention and time. Create a schedule or timeline for your research process to ensure you stay on track. With all the avenues you are going to have to go into, you do not want to waste any time on unimportant facts. Also make sure that the sources you are using are credible and is going to give you facts and not fiction.


Now that you have done your research, you are going to end up with a ton of notes. If you do not take the time to organize yourself at this point, things can get a little out of hand. After you have created an outline of what your thesis will cover, organize your notes in the same order. There are online programs you can use to file your notes in a modern way. A lot of students still want to work with physical papers, but you might save yourself a lot of time if you save it electronically. There is also less risk of losing any of your notes.

Start writing

The time has come for you to start with your thesis and it is going to be a great one. Believe in your ability to do so and you have won half of the battle. Here is an outline you can use to make sure you don’t miss anything: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Findings, Conclusion, and Bibliography.

It does seem like a lot to cover, but all you have to do is take one area of focus at a time. You can find a lot of thesis writing help online, which has worked well for other students. The key to a good thesis is to make sure you cover all of your basis. You want to leave no doubt that your findings are true. This is why the research process is the most important factor. If your research is not correct or not enough, you are writing without all the facts. Writing the best thesis is possible if you do the groundwork and make sure your foundation is solid.


Put the fear of this task behind you before it consumes you and you start procrastinating. The key to success is to give yourself enough time to do the project justice. Stick to your schedule and use the time you are given. A lot of students wait until the last minute and it is almost impossible to do a good thesis with limited time. Only focus on those facts that proves your theory and makes a difference. The best advice is to just start eating that apple one bite at a time.

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