Best of the Best: Our 6 Favorite Tweets From Match Week

Match Day is just a day away! While this day causes many 4th year med students an almost unbearable about of anxiety, let’s not forget that it is also a very exciting and rewarding time! We’ve had our eyes out for the best tweets of Match Week to share and celebrate the success of all M4s. Good luck!!


1. I feel like you can’t look at this picture and without feeling happy and excited. We truly enjoy seeing smiling faces for dreams made a reality!

Juan Carlos


2. As difficult as it is sometimes, following your dreams wholeheartedly will be worth it.

Neha Naik


3. It’s always nice to hear someone who has already been in your shoes explain that going into medicine brought them happiness. I think that hearing these words of encouragement during times of great stress and uncertainty is reassuring and reminds med students of how fortunate they are to have reached their goals.



4. Awesome to see so many med students who’ve likely been through the rough times together now with huge smiles and enjoying each other’s success. For me, this demonstrates the importance of collaborating and building relationships in med school. Gotta have people by your side for the good times and the bad!

Kevin Gendreau pic


5. Not only is Match Day exciting for the M4s who match, but also for their friends and family. Don’t forget to thank those who have supported and encouraged you through your journey of becoming a doctor!

Adam Kreul


6. Of course, Match Day is important for furthering your career as a doctor. But it’s also important for many other reasons, like your crazy party and dinner celebrations and giving your family a reason to dress up. You’ve got a lot riding on this.

Hannah Woolard



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