Best Approaches to Radiology Personal Statement Writing

A radiology personal statement has a unique approach. There are some people who believe that a personal statement is not necessary in a radiology application. I don’t believe that it could hurt an application. If you are at that space where you want to write a killer personal statement, it is completely possible. With any big task that you take on, you need to plan properly. A personal statement is a reflection of who you are and what you have achieved.

There are some approaches you can take to make the process streamlined and break the task up into smaller sections. It is important to cover all of the needed areas in your radiology personal statement, but also go a little further. When you break a large task up into smaller tasks, you can focus on one section at a time. We are going to break it up in this article to give you a better understanding of how exactly to approach each section.

Radiology Personal Statement, Section 1

It is a rule in writing that your opening line has to be the winning line. This is where you are going to hook the readers. With a personal statement, you need to take the same approach. Leave the radiology jokes for another day. The way you begin your article is going to determine your success. Always keep in mind that your application is one of many. If the board does not get hooked quickly, they might lose interest.

Start with why you believe you are the best candidate for this program. This gets right to the point and shows you mean business. There is no reason to build it up to answering this question. You can also use this section to share a story of how you ended up wanting to do this for a living. It does not have to be a life changing story, but it has to be interesting. You do not want to work so hard on your personal statement, only for someone to toss it out after the first paragraph.

Section 2

Now that you have hooked the reader, you want to set a few things straight. If you did not do too well in a required subject, use this time to explain. There will be some checks done on applicants, so be aware of anything that might count against you. If you do not have anything that needs to be explained or cleared up, you can move on to the juicy details.

You must have accomplished a few things in your life and that needs to be mentioned. Let the reader know about any achievements up until this point. Remember, your achievements are your own and you do not have to create any false ones. They will check the facts. If you have to write a personal statement for fellowship you already have achieved a lot to get to this point.

Everything that you see as an accomplishment needs to be proved. Perhaps not at this point physically, but you need to paint a clear picture. If you worked on a project, you don’t just want to say that you worked hard on it. Mention the amount of hours you put in and how you attained the results. This tells a much better story than simply going straight to the results.

Section 3

After you have said what needed to be said, it is time to wrap it up. You do not want to repeat the information you already shared, but you want to summarize it. In case the reader forgot a certain section, you can diplomatically, in short, mention it again. Remember, this is the last part of information you get to share and it needs to make an impression. Your first line was important, but so is your last. You want to be remembered.

Now it is time for the fun and sometimes most challenging part. You need to proofread and edit your personal statement. With all the technology available to us, there is no need for spelling or grammar mistakes. Ask a friend to help with this process because we can be so emotionally attached with our own writing. You might not see an obvious mistake, but someone else will pick it up.


Having a plan is crucial to the whole process of writing a killer personal statement. There are so many thighs worth sharing and this might have you jumping all over the place when writing. Have clear direction of where you want this piece of writing to go.

This is a reflection of your hard work and of who you are. Make it count. There is no need to make up any crazy stories, because who you are and what you have accomplished is enough. Once you get that, you celebrate these achievements in your personal statement.

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