An “Infectious” Video Game…That Won’t Give You a Virus

I haven’t yet started med school, hence the “almost” preceding my “MD,” but as an aspiring doc, I am always interested in the newest ways in which people can learn and teach others. Some people learn best through drawing cartoons and some through comic book stories but sometimes a more interactive approach is necessary. That’s where Microbe Invader comes into play [editor’s note: no pun intended]. This interactive, infectious disease-learning game prompts you to enter your name and gender and VOILA! you are a med student at “Happy Hospital” with a name badge and everything.

My day began peacefully in my home, where I decided I wanted a sandwich before I began my first day of clinical rotations with Dr. Taylor, my infectious disease doc.

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 3.05.05 PM


But I was hungry and I do my best learning after my morning custard

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 3.04.22 PM


I quickly realized the custard was bad…

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 3.05.25 PM


But made it to the clinic after a good bit of time. My attending even gave me a good scolding [editor’s note: too realistic?].

This is where my actual learning began. The game prompted me to speak with Dr. Taylor who explained to me that I was to see a patient and order tests, make diagnoses, and even provide treatment. She even directed to me to the clinic library, where I was provided valuable information about different bacteria and viruses.

My first patient, a 22 year old female named Ms. Pizzabreath, complained of burning during urination. Microbe Invader prompted me to order tests using a urine specimen:

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 3.53.55 PM

After receiving receiving results that the specimen contained a gram-positive rod, I was asked to diagnose Ms. Pizzabreath. From a plethora of options, I was asked to choose the bacteria, virus, or other that I believed was responsible for her symptoms:

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 2.54.05 PM


While I was wrong several times [they yelled at me for not going to the library and checking a reference book], I can definitely see the value in this learning tool. It mimics a clinical setting, while helping you study the complex world of infectious diseases and also providing some comic relief (note: my custard). Additionally, the game rewards you with points for correct diagnoses, correct treatments, and even speed of delivery. I highly recommend it!

Check it out here.

Note: Featured imaged and all images above are screenshots from Microbe Invader.

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Rachel Greenberg, "Almost" MD

Rachel Greenberg is an editor for The Almost Doctor's Channel hailing from Great Neck, NY. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Psychology, where she spent much of her time either singing a cappella or being a pre-med. In addition to maintaining an interest in holistic medicine, Rachel boasts a world-class Carrie Underwood impression.


  1. Abby Norman

    I played this all day today, ha! Thanks Rachel, great find~!

    • Rachel Greenberg, "Almost" MD

      haha it’s a little difficult without any medical knowledge, but I was kept entertained nonetheless!