5 Resources to Boost Your AIDS Awareness

Our world is changing and it is important that we stay aware of what is happening. AIDS is not a new topic, but a lot has happened in the past few years regarding awareness thereof. It is said that people believe only a certain demographic can get infected. This is absolutely not true and anyone is at risk. There are some steps you can take to protect yourself, but a lot of people living with AIDS got infected without having a choice.

Understanding what it means living with AIDS and how to prevent it is where one needs to start. I tried to find the best website to raise AIDS awareness, but there are actually a lot of good ones. These resources help build awareness and keep us updated with new developments. Luckily, we live in an advanced world where technology and science are changing our lives for the better. People living with AIDS no longer have no hope. There are medications out there to assist them in living a full and happy life. If you would like to educate yourself more on the subject, these resources are of a great help.


This is a great place to start when you are trying to learn some facts about AIDS. It is a website created by the University of California and has a lot of information. What is great about this site is that they update it on a regular basis. Many websites will give you an overview of what the disease is, but this is more about the development related to it. There are some amazing articles that explains everything in a conversational manner. When you combine all of this information on one website, it gives us hope that work is being done about it. You can find anything from the basics to more in depth information on here.

AIDS Infonet

A website dedicated to discussion this concerning issue has to be AIDS Infonet. The value of information on there cannot be denied. They also have this website created in 10 additional languages, so you know they are serious about spreading the knowledge across the border. People with HIV and AIDS can now find information to encourage them to get out there. Find an online resume service and live life as anyone else would. The stigma attached to it is terrible on our count, but even this is changing with websites like these. Teachers can also download and print a lot of the facts sheets and use it to educate students. This website is not about gaining fame and popularity, but rather spreading awareness.

AVAC AIDS Advocacy

The focus of this resource is in prevention, which is absolutely necessary. We can all learn about what AIDS means and what it does to the human body, but preventing it is the best option. Even though people live full lives with AIDS, we cannot take away from the fact that it is not always pleasant. Knowing the basics on how to prevent it is going to drop the percentages. You can also find a lot of services on the website, which assists those who are already infected. Check out the seminar dates and venues on this website, which is a great decision to attend.

World AIDS Day

AIDS is not focused on one area in the world and we all need to be aware of what it means to live with the disease. This is an international platform with tons of information. There are no resume building services available just for people with AIDS. We need to understand that we are all created equally and it is just unfortunate that some people’s lives have changed medically. There are a lot of AIDS conferences set up by World AIDS Day, which shows their commitment. When we come together as a people, a lot can change. Being aware changes you and those you chose to share the information with. This is probably the most up to date website out of the lot.

AIDS Research

Harvard has joined in the campaign to raise awareness and started their own website on the topic. We can no longer deny that this is a global problem and everyone is stepping up their game. This is an AIDS research centre which was started at the University and it is still running today. There are some short courses you can take to help you understand the topic in more detail. These courses usually run for a week and adds so much value. It is jam packed and available to on campus students and others. You can find a link to subscribe to their mailing list, which sends out informative and updated information. One does not have to be infected with HIV or AIDS to be aware that it exists.

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