About Us

The “Almost” Doctor’s Channel aims to create a global community for med students to contribute, share and discuss new ideas and perspectives in medicine and healthcare. We partner with students, medical school professors, thought leaders, practicing physicians, writers, comedians and humanitarians to curate content from across the web. Our site features a range of content including Nobel prize-winning research, healthcare policy, the latest medical gadgets, career advice and even restaurant and dating advice for when a med student is on a study break.  We also have an open contribution policy, allowing any user to submit an article for review to The “Almost” Doctor’s Channel editing team, with the possibility of being published as well as an “Almost” Scholarship contest to incentivize user-generate content.

The “Almost” Doctor’s Channel is based in New York and was founded by David Best, MD, MBA, Michael Banks, MD, and Rohan Jotwani, “Almost” MD/MBA.

David Best serves as the company president. Best has worked in healthcare advertising, marketing and education for 25 years and founded Saatchi & Saatchi’s medical education company BESTMED.