5 Different Types of Pre-Med Students You’ll Meet in College

Pre-Med is a jungle of a scholastic program, and you will meet tons of characters along the way — here are 5 of the Pre-Med students you’ll meet in college.

The Daddy’s Money

You’ve met this kid, whether it be because you see him pulling up to class in his new BMW sport, or because he asked you if his Rolex looked good with his outfit one day in class; you know him. He is the direct reflection of his father’s money. He didn’t earn his way into college like most, his last name just happens to be on each large donation check and probably above one of the buildings on campus. In class he’ll make the witty comments and joke about almost every topic, and that’s simply because he can. He will never really fully understand any of the topics you cover in class and will coast by maintaining low B’s and high C’s. When he actually shows up to class he mostly just plays on his phone or laptop, coasting through life he is a happy kid, that’s only because he knows that daddy’s money will get him a career after college as well.

The Brains

You have a question about the lecture you just sat through? Don’t understand the topic the old professor just mumbled about for 2 hours? That’s ok, The Brains will help. The Brains is the kid who somehow knows everything about the topic at hand before you even start it. Socially awkward, there is no small talk between you guys when you go to see him, simply walk into his pristine dorm room and start asking questions. You walk into his room an idiot and walk out a genius, as if some of his knowledge has rubbed off and suddenly you feel as though you could figure out the secret to Divinci Code blindfolded.

The Athlete

You’ll see this kid, but not in class. You’ll see him either during one of his many workouts, during the games you cheer for him, or during the after party. This beast of human being is the friendliest kid on campus but his linebacker esk body makes him feared and respected. He handles his school work and research, but you have no idea how. The rare times that he does show up to class, he is either on two sides of the spectrum, wide awake and attentive, taking good notes and participating. Or you’ll catch on the end of his second practice of the day and he will be sound asleep, only in the room so that he doesn’t get marked absent and because his coach said he had to go.

The Copy Cat

God you hate this kid. He is like a fly on a pig, but the pig is anyone with the answers. Whether it be the homework, quizzes, or even the midterm, he’s peeking over your shoulder to take your work. Yet somehow each time he succeeds. He maintains good grades because the work is rarely his, yet when asked about the topic by a teacher or other student, he will know the exact right amount about it to have an intellectual conversation. He does life his way, and uses other people to get what he wants. This student can be very sneaky though and come off as the most well liked kid on campus. You won’t even realize that you’re helping him until you look back at your texts with him and realize that they are all of you sending him the homework from biochem. So be careful.

The Perfectionist

You love him, you’re jealous of him, hell you’d give your right hand to be him. All the teachers are infatuated with him and he is the student’s favorite. His is the president of something, an intramural basketball team, a fraternity, or the class itself. He always walks out of a test saying he thinks he got a “D” and gets an “A.” I don’t think you’ve every seen him alone as he is always surrounded by good company. He plans to be a brain surgeon and you debate hitting yourself with a rock just to have the honor of being on his operating table one day. Basically he is the student who bets 100$ on a roulette number and hits it every time. You hate how good he is, but love how much you hate him.

Each kid has their perks and downfalls, let us know in the comment section if you’ve ever had an experience with Pre-Med students, we know we have.

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Nick Provenzano

Nick is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel and current business student at the University of Pittsburgh. H2P.