5 Best Ways to Spend your Lunch Break

You’ve only got an hour; do you make the most of it, or are you a lazy breaker? Find out as we discuss  the 5 best ways to spend your lunch break.

1.The Cultural Experience

Enrichment. This one is more determined based upon where you work, but a quick cultural break is both fun and informative.  One of my favorite spots to visit was the Carnegie Art Museum which was two blocks down from my office. Nothing like a sandwich and a little Dali to go with it.  I felt myself being more relaxed but also enjoyed learning about the art. Now in NYC I enjoy walking through the parks and stopping to listen to music along the way or any pop up galleries.  The point is, enrich yourself during your lunch break. Simple searches online can point you towards a good cultural connection in your area. Who knows you may even make some friends with the same interests in the meantime. I guarantee you’ll find yourself not only being re energized but also have a sense of accomplishment after the lunch break which can be a great transition into the afternoon.    

2. The Heavy Workout

GRIND.  Nothing like a strong workout to get the middle of the day going again.  I would especially recommend doing this on a slow day. It’s excellent stress relief and personal gain.  A great pump, run, or lift can raise your spirits anytime; so why not do it during the middle of the work day? The only struggle is that it does take around an hour of time, if that is the amount of time you get for lunch I recommend eating a small snack in the office before you go workout and lunch when you get back.   But the feeling you have returning to the office, veins pumping, chest bulging, abs cut is truly one of the best. You could have a full stack of papers out on your desk and you’ll bang those out quicker than you’d ever imagine. Got a big meeting, your confidence will be high because you just improved your physical self and your ready to take on any patient.  Get your pump on, improve your day.

3. Peace and Quiet

Serenity.  A good book, light salad, maybe a small coffee.  But the point is that it is just you. The work day can be really hectic with tons of conversation, and a busy atmosphere it’s nice to just sit back and have some you time.  No distractions, just you and your thoughts. Try not to think about work as hard as it is, but maybe think about life goals or weekend plans, those thoughts can help you relax and enjoy the time that you are spending for yourself.  If you think about work it will only make you stressed about going back for the afternoon. I also recommend turning off your cell phone to really enjoy the time. It’s very easy in today’s world to get lost in social media for hours, turning it off will allow you to make the most of your break and not tempt you to check it.  

4. Socialize

Be Social.  A lunch break can be a great time to catch up with friends in the area around you.  In the 5th way to spend your lunch break I will explain being social with co workers, but in this one I mean with people outside your office.  Whether it’s your roomate down the block from you or your old high school friends that work in the same area; meet up with someone outside of your office.  The conversation will always be fresh and different considering you are all doing different work. It can be good to see a familiar face that you don’t work with.  Working with people all day sometimes a change is good to see someone else for your break. This is always a great stress relief and will usually turn into a fun lunch.  

5.The Casual Happy Hour

Now this has to be done right.  Please don’t drink a lot. It’s really not a good look to come back to the office like that or go see a patient, and could actually make your afternoon extremely lazy and unproductive.  BUT, if done right it can be a great way to spend your break. Grab a drink with co workers when the drinks are cheap, the middle of the day. Take this time to relax and get to know your co workers in a more social setting.  Pair this with a fun meal such as tacos or wings and it turns into a great lunch experience. I recommend doing this on a Thursday or Friday, it keeps the lunch and afternoon fun and lighthearted, perfect for the vibes that Friday’s usually bring.  Also see our other fun drink article here.

There are five ways to spend your lunch break, five days in the week.  Mix and match these ways to create a fun stress free work week.

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Nick Provenzano

Nick is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel and current business student at the University of Pittsburgh. H2P.