30 Game-Changing Global Innovations

A recent report by PATH, a leader in global health, lists 30 remarkable innovations that are sure to transform global health by 2030. The report lists innovations for maternal, newborn and child health, innovations for combatting infectious diseases, innovations for reproductive health, and innovations addressing noncommunicable diseases.

PATH describes the findings as “the result of a yearlong effort to identify, evaluate, and showcase game-changing health technologies and ideas. We sought innovations from across sectors, disciplines, and borders, crowdsourcing hundreds of ideas from developers, entrepreneurs, and experts. Dozens of independent health experts then evaluated and ranked them, selecting the 30 innovations featured here.” PATH produces this report so the global health community can better understand where their energy and efforts will yield the greatest impact.

Included is a malaria-blocking drug that makes it impossible for people to transmit malaria to mosquitoes, therefore making it impossible for mosquitoes to carry it on to anyone else. The report also includes an automated chlorinator that can make up to 8,000 tons of water drinkable before needing to refill it. One of the best parts is that it doesn’t even use electricity and is nearly indestructible.



Sayana Press, a contraceptive that provides protection for 3 months with just one shot, made the list as well. Contraceptives can be expensive, but this drugs costs just $1. The injection is also easy to administer, so women can self-inject, providing security and privacy. This drug has the potential to save a huge amount of lives, especially because PATH reports that “about one in three maternal deaths could be avoided by delaying motherhood, spacing births, preventing unintended pregnancies, and avoiding unsafely performed abortions.” Joy Phumaphi, Executive Secretary for the African Leaders Malaria Alliance, says that “Innovation in reproductive health is a key to future health and prosperity for all. Expanding access through creative funding models will accelerate the gains we are already seeing.”

You can check out the complete list of innovations below, and to find out more about them and the report, go to http://ic2030.org.


1) New formulations of oxytocin

2)  Uterine balloon tamponade

3) Handheld device to measure blood pressure

4) Simple, safe device for assisted delivery

5) Chlorhexidine for umbilical cord care

6) Kangaroo mother care

7) New neonatal resuscitators

8) New treatments for severe diarrhea

9) Rice fortification

10) New tools for small-scale water treatment

11) Portable pulse oximeters to measure oxygen

12) Better respiratory rate monitors

13) Protective malaria vaccine candidates

14) Malaria transmission-blocking vaccine

15) Potent, single-dose antimalarial drug

16) Expanded use of rapid malaria tests

17) Broadly neutralizing antibodies in HIV vaccines

18) Long-acting injectable antiretrovirals

19) Oral preexposure prophylaxis

20) Novel multidrug treatment regimen for TB

21) New vaccines to prevent TB

22) Nucleic acid amplification tests

23) Expanded access to implants and intrauterine devices

24) Injectable contraceptives

25) One-year contraceptive vaginal ring

26) Polypill

27) Broader use of HPV vaccine

28) Task-shifting for diabetes care

29)  mHealth innovations

30) Portable, affordable screening for eye problems

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Jordan Star

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