3 Tips For Prepping Yourself To Stand Out In A Job Interview

In today’s society it’s all about what the recruiter wants. What separates you from the rest, both when being recruited for a job and once you’re in it.  To help you out, here are three tips to help boost yourself to the recruiter for that important job interview. 


Hopefully in the interview you won’t be asked one of those random questions like “If you were lost in the woods with only a fishing pole and net, how would you stop a bear attack?” But if you are, you should still be prepared.  Those questions can often be annoying to answer but if you practice your creativity, you can use it as an opportunity to wow the person interviewing you.  They won’t expect you to have an answer on the spot, but if you do it shows that you are a quick thinker who can get out of problems in an instant.  This shows your analytical side and, more importantly, your creative side.  So, as crazy as it seems, next time you’re walking down the street maybe consider throwing yourself one of those tricky problem scenarios and think about how you would get out of it.  


A quick and easy way to differentiate yourself from others is having knowledge that they don’t (Seems like a simple thought I know).  But most of the time the people who are interviewing for your position have generally the same background of general knowledge, it’s the “special” knowledge that sets you apart.  From the title of this section you can gather that I am hinting to worldly information.  Whether that be knowledge of different languages, cultures, or business practices, all of them can set you apart from your competition.  For example, when interviewing for a job that could require you to go to China, it could be a wow factor if you knew the specific business practices that relate to their culture.  Such as when receiving a business card, it is customary to receive it with both hands, inspect the front and back of the card, and then bow as a sign of acceptance (Pretty cool right).  Or if you are going to Brazil to sell a new prescription drug and your meeting is at 5 p.m, the meeting may not start till 5:30 or even six, simply because the brazilians have a more relaxed style of business than our very prompt american way. Bringing small bits of information such as these can easily set you apart from non worldly candidates.   


Put in the effort where others don’t.  It is important that before the interview you think about all the experiences that have led you up to this moment.  All the small roles of leadership, failure, and success that will be addressed in their generally stock interview questions.  But while some people see these questions as an easy answer, look at these questions as an opportunity to shine.  Stock questions can lead to stock answers, don’t get caught in that.  By thinking of all your experiences you can generate multiple answer to the classic questions such as “name a time you failed and how did you learn from it,” or “what are your strengths and weaknesses.”  Everyone is going to be giving the bland questions bland answers.  That is why you should take time to incorporate the other two tips from this article into these answers.  Be creative, and show off that worldly knowledge, this will not only impress the recruiter but also show that you are putting effort into the basic questions, something most people don’t do.  

These three tips can help you to create the necessary separation between you and the other candidates interviewing.  Good luck out there!

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Nick Provenzano

Nick is a contributor to The Almost Doctor’s Channel and current business student at the University of Pittsburgh. H2P.