10 Signs That Medicine Is Your Calling Not a Choice

Choosing a career path can be daunting. This dread usually kicks in when we are faced with the task of selecting a major. For some, they grow up knowing what they want to pursue in life. Many have to figure it out, as time goes. I, for one, belong in this category. The job search process helped me explore various options that needed an excellent recommendation letter for job before I settled for freelance writing. Medicine is a lucrative field. And it is one of the areas that has a confident prediction of its outlook. That is, more positions will be opening up in the field of medicine. There will come a time when one seeks satisfaction in what they do. The amount of pay doesn’t matter as much as whether you enjoy what you do or not. Now, what signs will help you determine whether or not, how do you know medicine is your calling?

1. Desire to change lives

Some find delight in giving out large sums for a good cause. Others find joy in giving services. In the field of medicine, you will be dealing with the health of others. From prevention, diagnosis to treatment.

It all depends on the duties that fall within your purview. One Don S. Dizon, MD, FACP, credits his favorite show as a child, St. Elsewhere for showing him is calling. That is to become a doctor.

2. Don’t frown at the thought of attending to the sick

At one point in our lives, we may have fallen entirely ill, to the extent that we needed someone else to take care of us. Or it could be that the predicament landed on a person close to us and we had to attend to them. Since we are all different, some don’t find it difficult to cater to the needs of the sick.

To others, some of the duties entailed in caring for a sick person may gross them out. I will presume that we are all aware of our limitations. Just in the way you look for specific aspects when choosing a letter of recommendation service.

During your medical education, you will train on how to facilitate healing and not frustrate it. It will be more than acquiring scientific knowledge.

3. Feeling at Peace with your Decision

Not many of us have the luxury to pursue a field of their choice. Some succumb to the pressures of family, friends or society. When you do something because of others, it often doesn’t excite.

According to Lissa Rankin, MD on finding your calling, she says, that when you are on the path to your purpose, you will feel an unusual calmness. Even in times of turmoil, say you are getting headaches just to think about getting the best letter of recommendation, you still have a sense of peace. It happens when one aligns themselves with their calling.

4. Passion in Contributing to Medical Science

Medicine isn’t a one-person show. From your college days to your practicing years, you will be working as part of a team. When you finally attain the title Doctor, you will work with both nurses and other doctors, daily.

In this field, your mission is for the patient. Other people will check your work, but you shouldn’t let ego get in the way. You are there for the patient. You will find fulfillment in providing necessary care for others.

5. Delight in the prospects of continued education

It applies to all fields. To master a particular skill or concept you have to keep learning. Your desire to learn shouldn’t come to an end upon graduation. And more so in medicine, education never stops.

There will always be something to learn from your interactions with patients and even family members. You will have to stay up to date with the advances made in your field. You may require attending conferences and seminars too.

Your college education only provides you with the basics.

6. Sense of ease even when facing obstacles

Obstacles in our way cause us to rethink our beliefs, thoughts, ideas, etc. You may also begin second guessing your commitment. They are part of the process of growing. That means, you will have to face them one in a while, if not often.

As a physician, one of the typical challenges you will face is interacting with patients who will try to manipulate. Some patients will fake pain to get a particular prescription. You need to learn how to handle them with compassion.

Remember, they are struggling with an addiction. Supportive synchronicities will move your senses towards ease.

7. Your intuition guides you

Steve Jobs encouraged others to follows their intuition and hearts. He accredits his inventions to intuition over intellect. You have come across people who knew they were meant to become doctors, and they now are.

They probably didn’t perform as well as others before pursuing medicine. But once they ventured into medicine, they scored quite well. Intuition guides us in fulfilling our calling.

8. Satisfaction in serving

For physicians, health should be their goal. The field of medicine requires humility and a precise definition of goals. One needs to be a servant of health. It may become a challenge if one solely strives towards a return on investment.

You will have to cultivate patience, and it will also demand long hours. You need to have a strong desire to help others, especially, on matters regarding their health.

9. Able to relate, with all kinds of people

Just as you meet with different sorts of people in your social interactions, so is in medicine. You will have to provide care to people with varying needs, beliefs, cultures, appearances, commitments, and even personalities.

Medicine is a beauty and form of art. It will challenge and nourish you. Above all, you should be passionate about providing care to others.

10. Guidance based on your values

Your values can guide you towards discovering your calling. It should be what makes you, to be who you are. Is it the drive to solve problems? You will have to know how to establish rapport.

Find ways to cultivate a relationship with your patients. Learn to listen, examine, give counsel, etc.


When you find and pursue your calling, it makes you content and gives you inner peace. Who wouldn’t want that?

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