10 Moments That Will (Re)Fuel Your Passion For Medicine #1-5

So here’s the deal. Contrary to my initial belief, I am actually turning into a Grey’s Anatomy fan. And I’m not talking about the ginormous book (that is way to heavy to carry, much less read), but the popular TV series on the life of surgeons. Watching these clips always revives my passion for medicine, just when I think I’m in over my head.


Going into the medical field myself, I have several reasons and motives that keep me going everyday, despite of all the struggles. From my love for the field to my desire for helping people, I have much to go on. However, there are always those moments where you seek some form of external boost or reprise that can reinvigorate you to reach new heights in achieving your dream. You start to think that you want to be more than a physician – you want to be a person who can be looked up to as a figure of passionate purpose. And what better way to spice up your motives than some TV drama?


So, I would like you all to take a close look at some classic, memorable moments from Grey’s Anatomy. Beyond their superficial appeal, there is a deeper message that transcends into the very roots of medicine and medical practice, hitting on the finer aspects that may go unrecognized without some introspection in our future careers. And just like they have continuously inspired me, I hope they will do the same for you!


1. At the end of the day, have a little bit of fun – you deserve it!

Despite of all the stress, pressure, and worries that accompany a job in the medical field, you chose the profession because you were passionate about it. Whether it was your love for the science or your eagerness for patient care, medicine is a rewarding field that allows one to sense the gratitude of saving a life and making the world a better place.


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2. It’s a great privilege – don’t waste it

The opportunity to cut into a patient as a surgeon is a great privilege reserved for a select few in the world. And when it comes to fetal surgery, as shown in this video, it is an opportunity that even fewer can claim. So the next time you are in the hospital talking to a patient, take a moment to feel fortunate and burden that responsibility with care.


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3. You are a tireless superhero

Some tasks in life are so hard that the demand everything out of it, both emotionally and physically. When it comes to surgery, the sheer stress and pressure of juggling life and death can often get to any person. In those situations, take a step back and marvel at the stillness around you. Recognize what you are about to do and why. Then trudge forth like the superhero you are.


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4. Take charge with confidence

Surgery is a shark tank. Everyone wants to have a say in everything. In such a competitive environment, it is difficult to find your voice and have it be heard. Nevertheless, it is crucial to do so in order to demonstrate your skills and take charge of the situation. Leadership in such circumstances comes from a sense of self-belief and confidence growing from experience.


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5. Only one way to succeed – focus on the patient

We all get into medicine because of a love for the science. All the varied aspects of the human body are highly enticing and exciting to know more about. However, as clinicians continue on in their journey to be better, the value of patient care begins to rise with individual experiences. At the end of the day, it is patient advocacy that is the hallmark of a great physician, combining his or her expertise in the science to ensure the best outcome.


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