10 Highest Paid Medical Specialties

Helping people is great, but let’s be honest, those $300,000 in loans you owe won’t pay themselves. If you’re a med student who is “all about the Benjamins,” here’s where you can find them.

1. Orthopedic Surgery $464,500 


People are constantly breaking bones and will pay a pretty penny to have them fixed up. Therefore, orthopedic surgery takes the top spot as the highest paying medical specialty. If you choose this road, you’ll be looking at a handsome $464,500 a year on average.


2. Invasive Cardiology $461,364


Have a heart, people. Become a cardiologist. Not to be confused with cardiothoracic surgery, invasive cardiology involves minor procedures such as pacemaker insertions. That salary without being on the hook for heart transplants? I’d say invasive cardiology is a solid specialty choice.


3. Non-Invasive Cardiology $447,143

This speciality deals with preventing and managing cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death for both men and women in America. Needless to say, non-invasive cardiology is incredibly needed specialty. So go ahead, grab your Littmann and hit the floors.


4. Gastroenterology $441,421


Gastroenterology. You know what it entails, and if you’ve ever had GI issues, you’ll know that money is no object when it comes to freeing yourself from excruciating pain in the bowels. Enough said.


5. Urology $424,091

Urine Sample

Like its sister, gastroenterology, urology can be quite painful if you are the patient, but quite rewarding if you’re the doc treating it!


6. Hematology/Oncology $396,000


Blood AND cancer. It goes without saying that specialists in the field of hematology-oncology deal with some pretty complex issues–turns out those complexities in the blood pay pretty well.


7. Dermatology $370,952


Ah, the dermatologist. This one can be summed up in just three words. No night shift.


8. Radiology $368,250


Just be sure to wear your dosimeter badge.


9. Pulmonology $351,125


No smoking allowed here…


10. General Surgery $336,375


Can’t decide what you want to do? The average salary for a general surgeon could be the long awaited reward for your indecisiveness.


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